report trail commonwealth championship

The inaugural edition of the trail event at the Commonwealth Championships took place in the very scenic Anglesey, North Wales. The 53.75km run took place on September 25th 2011.

The trail championships were contested on a five 10+ km loops in and around Newborough forest that included a short sand section running towards an island. Athletes had a taste of several terrains in one race which was quite exciting and challenging.

It was a good day for the home side on the final day of the events. Wales cleaned up the podium standings in the men’s competition. Richard Gardiner won the race in 3:29:55. He was followed into the finish line by his teammates, Andrew Davies and Nathaniel Lane in second and third place, respectively. Davies completed the 53.75km distance in 3:34:34.

Huw Lobb (ENG) led the race until the final loop. The Welsh trio of Gardiner, Lane and Davies timed their race perfectly. Lobb pulled out with less than10kms from the finish. Australian veteran Brendan Davies moved up the competition as the race progressed and finished just outside the medals in fourth place.

In the women’s competition, Emma Gooderham (ENG) capped an outstanding international season with a victory in the trail event. She completed the course in 3:53:50. She led, former silver medalist at the trail world championship, Angela Mudge who finished second in 4:05:54. Rookie international runner, Kirstin Bull (AUS) finished third in 4:09:53.

Gooderham led for the majority of the race. She has had speed work under her belt which she proved by winning the 50km World Trophy Final in August. Mudge, has made a return to the international scene, after training and competing in Switzerland. She held strongly to the top five positions through out the race. Bull, made her move in the second half of the race to finish a string third. Current world trail bronze medallist, Lucy Colquhoun (SCO) finished in fourth place.

In the team competition, with a clean sweep in the podium, Wales took the men’s event. They were joined on the podium by England and Australia who finished second and third respectively.

In the women’s event, England capped a very successful championship with team gold on the final day. Scotland finished in the silver medal spot, followed by Australia in bronze medal.

Results Trail Commonwealth Championships (Anglesey, North Wales September 25th 2011)



Gold --- Richard Gardiner WAL 3:29:55

Silver --- Andrew Davies WAL 3:34:34

Bronze --- Nathaniel Lane WAL 3:38:09  

4th Place --- Brendan Davies AUS 3:38:57

5th Place --- Michael Dongers AUS 3:40:11



Gold --- Emma Gooderham ENG 3:53:50

Silver --- Angela Mudge SCO 4:05:54  

Bronze --- Kirstin Bull AUS 4:09:53  

4th Place --- Lucy Colquhoun SCO 4:14:38

5th Place --- Helen Taranowski ENG 4:21:57


Team Competition Men:

Gold --- Wales 10:42:32

Silver --- England 11:11:09  

Bronze --- Australia 11:16:32

4th Place --- Scotland 11:19:24  

5th Place ---   Northern Ireland 12:37:43


Team Competition Women:

Gold --- England 12:38:33

Silver --- Scotland 12:48:03

Bronze --- Australia 13:18:40


Nadeem Khan

Media and Communication Officer