report 24 hour commonwealth championships

The 2nd Commonwealth Mountain and Ultradistance Running Championships for the 24 Hour event took place in Lladudno, North Wales. Lladudno located about one and half hours from Manchester is on the beautiful coast. The race took place on September 23-24th 2011. 

The event was organized on a slightly longer than a kilometre loop in a housing complex not too far from the water. Race day temperatures were in the mid teens. They dropped to single digits over night. But the racing conditions were perfect for the runners, as was proved, by the several personal bests, national records and one world’s best performance that was achieved on the day.

John Pares (WAL), running on home soil, ran a solid run to bring home the gold. He ran a distance of 244.335km. He was joined on the podium by David Kennedy (AUS) who ran 236.928km. Pat Robbins (ENG) finishes 3rd completing 231.163km.

Last edition’s silver medal winner Jo Blake (AUS) was the early race leader. However, after the initial surge, Pares overtook him for the men’s lead. Kennedy ran a comfortable race through the night picking up spots and eventually maintaining the strong run to the finish. Robbins started conservatively and slowly moved up the field.

Lizzy Hawker (ENG) ran the race of her career winning the race outright. In the process of establishing 247.076 km, she not only secured herself a gold medal but also World’s Best Performance (WBP) and Commonwealths Best Performance distances. Emily Gelder (WAL) took home the silver medal with 220.480km. Australian runner Meredith Quinlan took the bronze medal with a distance of 216.631km.

Hawker had a commanding lead a few hours into the race and never relinquished it. She came with a strong distance in mind and was focussed throughout the race trying to get that WBP. The previous mark was held by Sigrid Lomsky (GER) with a distance of 243.657km. Gelder made Wales proud with a very strong run featuring consistently in the Top 5 from the start. Quinlan gave it all in the race, almost missing the podium presentation due to medical attention, shortly after the finish.

In the team competition, England won the men’s team event. Wales got the silver and New Zealand winning the bronze over Australia by about half a kilometre. In the women’s event, England once again won the gold. Australia took home the silver followed by Scotland with the bronze.

The race was very well organized and the milder conditions resulted in numerous milestones for several athletes.


Results 24hr Commonwealth Championships (Lladudno, North Wales September 23-24th 2011)



Gold --- John Pares WAL 244.335 km

Silver --- David Kennedy AUS 236.928 km

Bronze --- Pat Robbins ENG 231.163 km  

4th Place --- Bryan Mccorkindale NZL 222.373 km

5th Place --- Wayne Botha NZL 222.295 km



Gold --- Lizzy Hawker ENG 247.076 km

Silver --- Emily Gelder WAL 220.480 km  

Bronze --- Meredith Quinlan AUS 217.631 km  

4th Place --- Deborah Martin-Consani SCO 208.057 km

5th Place --- Marie Doke ENG 206.409 km


Team Competition Men:

Gold --- England 668.225 km

Silver --- Wales 664.244 km  

Bronze --- New Zealand 661.624 km

4th Place --- Australia 661.125 km  

5th Place ---   Canada 595.093 km


Team Competition Women:

Gold --- England 643.016 km

Silver --- Australia 619.190 km

Bronze --- Scotland 605.791 km

4th Place --- Canada 448.369 km

Nadeem Khan

Media and Communication Officer