This is your opportunity to learn more about the top Commonwealth Mountain and Ultraathletes based on performances in 2008 & 2009.

Interviews were done by Nadeem Khan. Athletes listed in alphabetical order.

Bragg, Jez (ENG)

Chemweno, Wilson (KEN)

Croft, Dominic (ENG)

Fairweather, Jacquilyn (AUS)

Finill, Chris (ENG)

Fryer, Martin (AUS)

Gayter, Sharon (ENG)

Giles, Matt (ENG)

Gooderham, Emma (ENG)

Goodhead, Katherine (ENG)

Grice, Adam (ENG)

Hosking, Jessamy (AUS)

Ingram, Katie (ENG)

Mason, Stephen (SCO)

McHale, Denise (CAN)

Mctaggart, Scott (AUS)

Moon, Melissa (NZL)

Mudge, Angela (SCO)

Muskett, Valerie (NZL)

Pares, John (WAL)

Phillips, Lara (NZL)

Rebecca, Robinson (ENG)

Short, Lucy (SCO)

Skelton, Vicky (ENG)

Swanson, Kris (CAN)

Tunstall, Sarah (ENG)

Walker, Pauline (SCO)

Whitehead, Clare (SCO)

Wilkinson, Victoria (ENG)

Wyatt, Jonathan (NZL)

Athletes competing at the Commonwealth Mountain & Ultra Distance Running Championships: ATHLETES