Clare has juggled her family with her international competitive running for the better half of this decade.

Prior to 2003, she competed in the World and European Trophy for Scotland. After which she took 5 years to have her children.

2009 was her first full season back and has won the Scottish Athletics Hill Running Championships.

Next year, Clare hope to gain a selection for the Great Britain Hill Running team and continue to inspire her 2 boys to take part in running and cycling events as they grow up.


Views on the Commonwealth Championships…


Nadeem Khan (NK): What were your thoughts on running in the Commonwealth Championships? 

Clare Whitehead (CW): They offered a good chance to run against a high quality field without having to travel too far from home.


NK: How was this race different from your other international races? 

CW: It was a bit of an unknown – who would be there, and how would they be running so late in the season.


NK: The one thing that you will remember about these Championships… 

CW: It was a very friendly atmosphere and a great course.  Good weather too!


Get to know Clare…


NK: Most memorable athletic moment…

CW: regaining selection for the Scottish team following the birth of my 3 young boys, now aged 6, 4  and 3.


NK: What is your typical training week?  

CW: Low volume at the moment due to many aches following having kids, so I use my bike to make up a lot of sessions.


NK: If you were not a runner, you would be… 

CW: A full time mum.


NK: Your biggest supporter in your running career… 

CW: My boys, they love me to win.


NK: If you could train with a marathon celebrity, who would you pick?   

CW: Liz McColgan, she was inspiring how tough she was throughout her career.