Sharon Scholz won the IAU Athlete of the Year Award. This is an outstanding honour for Scholz who had an exciting 2010 season. She was a member of the Australian 24 Hour team in Keswick at the inaugural Commonwealth Championships.

There were 1014 votes cast over a 10-day period. Ultrarunning enthusiasts had the opportunity to vote for the nominees, as were shortlisted in the days, prior to the voting sections. 2010 being the first year that this award was initiated, the IAU Executive Council are pleased by the number of votes received, and are looking forward to continuing these awards in the upcoming season.

Highlights of Scholz's 2010 season are as follows:

She achieved a 6th place finish at the IAU World & European Championships with a distance of 224.885km. In the race she established several Australian records, including, 12 hour, 100 miles, 200km and 24 Hour marks. She also had a first place finish at the Coburn 6 Hour Track with a distance of 71.927km and Australian 48 Hour Championships with 332.029km.

The IAU Male Athlete of the Year was Michael Wardian (USA).

Nadeem Khan

Media and Communication Officer