melissa moon

Melissa is an iconic figure of mountain running back home in New Zealand.

A two-time World Champion, Melissa is also a motivational speaker and an adviser on running. She is a tireless advocate of the sport and a familiar face amongst the mountain running crowd.

Melissa won the World Mountain Running titles in Italy and Alsaka.


Views on the Commonwealth Championships…


Nadeem Khan (NK): What are your thoughts on running in the Commonwealth Series?

Melissa Moon (MM): It is a great step forward in Mountain Running to now have a CW Champs, for young athletes it will be a wonderful stepping stone to the World Mountain Champs and other major championship races.


NK: How will this race be different from your other international races?

MM: The CW Champs was put together as a great international event, it was on a slightly smaller scale but I enjoyed that as everyone involved became a familiar face and approachable.


NK: The thing you are most looking forward to at the Championships…

MM: One thing i will remember about the CW Champs was the well organised prize-giving and the buzz of athletes and different events throughout the 4 days with the 24hour run and 100k. I thought incorporating those 3 disciplines of athletics was a fantastic idea.


Get to know Melissa…


NK: Most memorable athletic moment…

MM: My most memorable athletic moments were winning my first World Mountain title in Italy and then two years later repeating that in Alaska. Both wins created different emotions, in Italy it was such a relief and wonderful feeling that I had gone to the highest level possible in my choose discipline of athletics - Mountain Running. In Alaska I had to over come a lot of 'unexpecteds' to win that title back.


NK: If you were not a runner, you would be….

MM: If I was not a runnerIi would be a dancer, I love the freedom and expression of dance, my mother took me to ballet lessons as a 5 year old but unfortunately I use to run across the dance floor rather than gracefully glide!!!


NK: Your biggest supporter in your running career….

MM: My biggest supporter are my family.


NK: Who is your first call after a major race?

MM: The first person i call is probably my mum as she shows such wonderful enthusiasm when I have done well but also knows how to put it all into perspective when it hasn't gone so well.

NK: If you could run with a a marathon celebrity, who would it be?

MM: If I could train with a marathon celeb it would have to be one of the African runners, perhaps Halie G as he seems such a friendly guy who doesn't stop smiling and who could share so much knowledge. Also Paula Radcliffe for her amazing ability to endure and push through those pain barriers, I would love to know her mental strategies!