Kris is a native of British Columbia in Canada. He picked up running when he moved to BC for school.

He was an All Canadian while at University of Victoria. He won the bronze medal at the Up-Only Mountain race at the Commonwealth Championships. He was also a member of the bronze medal winning teams in both the Up-Only and the Up and down mountain running events at the inaugural championships.

Kris is looking forward to running in more Worlds and Commonwealth Championships for Canada.

Views on the Commonwealth Championships…


Nadeem Khan (NK): What were your thoughts on running in the Commonwealth Series?

Kris Swanson (KS): Keswick had everything to make a great Championship.  I felt the athletes received a good race course, venues within walking distance from the race start, and most importantly small town hospitality.


NK: How was this race be different from your other international races?

KS: The most obvious thing to me was that at World Mountain Running Championships we did everything as a team.  We had our separate team table for meals and did our runs as team Canada.  At the Commonwealth Championships the teams were smaller and I found that we mingled more with the other athletes.  We went for runs with the other teams, ate with the other teams, and socialized in the lounge with the other teams.


NK: The one thing that you will remember about these Championships…

KS: I really enjoyed cheering on the ultra runners way past the point of when the sun went down.  The one thing that I will remember?  Waking up the next morning and opening up the curtains to see all of them still trucking along with their heads only slightly lowered.


Get to know Kris…


NK: Most memorable athletic moment…

KS: Winning my 10th Emperor’s Challenge Mountain Half Marathon in 2009.  I actually had a blast running the downhill and finished with everything I had for a narrow victory.


NK: If you were not a runner, you would be….

KS: A baseball or hockey player


NK: Your biggest supporter in your running career….

KS: My mom


NK: Who is your first call after a major race?

KS: The Pizzeria


NK: If you could pick a marathon celebrity, who would it be?

KS: Geb. Classic pick.