8th iau 24 Hour world & European championship

The Commonwealth nations performed very well at the 8th IAU 24 Hour World & European Championships in Brive, France on May 13-14 2010.

Commonwealth Championship bronze medalist, John Pares (GBR) led the Commonwealth nations with 252.548km. He was followed by Richard Quennell (GBR) and Commonwealth Championship silver medallist Jonathan Blake (AUS) with 246.121km and 245.300km respectively. Overall, Pares finished 8th, Quennell 13th and Blake 17th in the world standings.

In the women’s race, Sharon Scholz (AUS) was the top commonwealth woman with 224.885km. She was followed by Meredith Quinlan (AUS) and Commonwealth Championship bronze medalist, Susannah Harvey-Jamieson. Overall, Scholz finished 6th, Quinlan 9th and Harvey-Jamieson 13th in the world standings.

The Top 3 commonwealth nations in the men’s team championships were Great Britain (742.777km), Australia (675.705km) and Canada (570.398km). In the women’s team standings, Australia led the commonwealth nations with an over 3rd place finish with 654.863km, followed by Canada (576.978km).

Nadeem Khan

Media and Communication Officer