The 8th IAU 24 Hour World Championship is on May 13-14 2010. There will be several Commonwealth Championship runners competing this week at the event.

Familiar names from Keswick are Jo Blake (AUS), John Pearson (AUS), Bruce Barteaux (CAN), George Biondic (CAN), John Pares (GBR), Chris Carver (GBR) and Stephen Mason (GBR) for the men's teams. In the women's teams, Sharon Gayter, winner of the Commonwealth Championships 24 Hour is back running for Great Britain along with Pauline Walker. Other familiar names are Susannah Jamieson (AUS), Meredith Quinlan (AUS), Charlotte Vasarhelyi (CAN), Manon Jacob (CAN) and Valerie Muskett (NZL).

You can follow live hourly results on www.iau-ultramarathon.org or www.twitter.com/iaunews

Nadeem Khan