jessamy hosking

Jessamy has a multitude of running talents. In addition to performing well in the mountain races, she has combined her talents to other running terrains.

She was 1st in the Sydney Tower Run Up in 2008 and 4th at the Empire State Run Up the same year.

Jessamy was 1st at the Australian Mountain Nationals in 2008 and combined this with a 2nd place finish at the same Championships in 2009.

She was the 7th place finisher at the Australian National Cross Country Championships.



Views on the Commonwealth Championships…


Nadeem Khan (NK): What were your thoughts on running in the Commonwealth Championships?

Jessamy Hosking (JH):I thought that it was a great honour to be running for my country


NK: How was this race different from your other international races?

JH: The competition was slightly easier!


NK: The one thing that you will remember about these Championships…

JH: The amazing views


Get to know Jessamy…


NK: Most memorable athletic moment…

JH: Coming 4th in the 2008 Empire State Run Up with a broken foot


NK: What is your typical training week?

JH: 150-160km


NK: If you were not a runner, you would be…

JH: a cyclist


NK: Your biggest supporter in your running career…

JH: My ex boyfriend


NK: Who is your first call after a major race?

JH: family