jacquilyn fairweather

International competitions is nothing new for Jacquilyn. She has had a transition from Triathlons to Duathlons to road running and now ultrarunning.

She is a gold medal winner at the ITU Traiathlon World Championships in 1996 and won the silver medal at the 1995, 1997 and 1999 version of the championships. She is also a 8-time winner (1993-2000) of the Australia Triathlon Championships.

At the ITU Duathlon World Championships, she won the gold medal in 1996 and 1999 with a bronze medal performance in 1994.

In addition to outstanding performances at the international/national arena, Jacquilyn has also won several individual accolades. She was the Australian Sports Woman of the Year (1999), Australian Triathlete of the Year (1993, 1996) and Formula One Triathlon  Series Winner (1996, 1997, 1998).

Jacquilyn has also enjoyed circuit in road running. She has been the Australian Marathon Champion (2005), Bronze Medal winner at the Commonwealth Games Marathon (2002) and the Australian Half Marathon Champion (2001).



Views on the Commonwealth Championships…


Nadeem Khan (NK): What were your thoughts on running in the Commonwealth Championships?

Jacquilyn Fairweather (JF): It was great to have a Commonwealth Champs to compete in. I decided to have a go at 100k this year and the inaugural Commonwealth 100k was the perfect incentive and became my major goal for the year.


NK: How was this race different from your other international races?

JF: This event was my 20th National representation and they have been as varied as Triathlon World Championships (8 times), Duathlon, Commonwealth Games, World Cross Country, World Mountain running, etc. I have also done countless international triathlon, duathlon, running and marathon events. This was probably one of the smaller international events for me, but it rated very highly in the sense of camaraderie and good feeling amongst the athletes.


NK: The one thing that you will remember about these Championships…

JF: I don’t know if there is just one, but the scenery/setting was certainly pretty special. I will also remember a pretty relaxed enjoyable run except for that 20k bad patch of stomach problems. One thing I am disappointed to not have a record of is my splits etc, since we were not allowed to use our Garmin GPS watches :)


Get to know Jacquilyn …


NK: Most memorable athletic moment…

JF: I have been lucky enough to win a Triathlon World Championship (1996) and two Duathlon World Champs (‘96 & ’99). They were pretty special. Also placing 3rd at the 2002 Comm Games Marathon behind two of my running friends since our teenage years (and Aussie clean sweep – yeah!).


NK: What is your typical training week? 

JF: I mostly only run once per day and 100-120km/wk, with 1-2 quality sessions. I do a lot less now than I did in my Triathlon or marathon days.


NK: If you were not a runner, you would be…

JF: I can’t imagine not being a runner!


NK: Your biggest supporter in your running career…

JF: Well these days it is my husband, but I have been fortunate to have many supporters and people to help me out over the years. I feel very privileged to have had the sporting career I have had – almost 20 years at international level now. Even better that I am still able to compete and love it! Similarly my husband, Simon had a 20year elite sporting career (Archery) and now runs with me and competes in a lot of the same events, so it is great to have the level of understanding of each other’s sporting passion that we have.


NK: Who is your first call after a major race?  

JF: My husband if he is not already there.