Adam has had tremendous success in the international running scene. He was the 5th Senior at the World Mountain Running Association Trophy Championship held in 2007 in Switzerland.

He was also part of the 2nd Team at the World Student Cross Country Championships in France. And on the domestic circuit, Adam has been phenomenal with 1st British University Student Association Championships 10,000, 1st Senior Inter-Area Track and Field Match 3000m and 2nd North of England Senior 5000m Championships.

Adam hasn't been in the sport that long. Having started running at 16 years of age, he has enjoyed a lot of success already and his times are significantly improving.


Views on the Commonwealth Championships…


Nadeem Khan (NK): What were your thoughts on running in the Commonwealth Championships?

Adam Grice (AG): It was a incredible experience. It is always a great honor to wear your Home Country’s vest and to do this in a new Championship will be something memorable. I thought it was extremely well organized and in a great setting.


NK: How was this race different from your other international races?

AG: The fact that it was on home soil and we had used the course as our trial made it special. My family and friends were able to come and support and it was fantastic having my name shouted on every inch of the course. I don’t know if it was because of more experience but I felt more relaxed going into the race which was different that other experiences.


NK: The one thing that you will remember about these Championships…

AG: I think there will be several things I remember from these Championships. Going into the lead several times was an overwhelming feeling, I was not expecting to be that high up given the conservative start I took. With 800m to go and being in the lead with the crowds screaming will be something I will definitely remember, plus the feeling of achievement when I received my silver medal on the podium. I met some new faces at these Championships also which is one of the great things about sport.


Get to know Adam…


NK: Most memorable athletic moment…

AG: There are too many good memories to single out one memorable moment but my whole experience of my 1st World Mountain Running Trophy in Ovrannaz, Switzerland with 2 weeks of acclimatisation with Joe Symonds is one of the best experiences of my life.


NK: What is your typical training week?

AG: When I can get down and be able to focus on my training, I would have the following schedule:

Monday              am: Easy warm up/down + weights/core

                            pm: Steady State run upto an hour

Tuesday            am: Easy Run upto 35min

                            pm: Session (hills/track/grass reps)

Wednesday      am: Easy warm up/down + weights/core

                            pm: Longer run 75min-90min

Thursday          am: Easy run upto 35min

                            pm: Tempo run 6-8miles

Friday                 Easy run with some core

Saturday            am: Longer grass session or track session in summer

                            pm: Optional recovery run

Sunday              am: Long run upto 1h50min

Easy runs can be followed by some drills/strides


NK: If you were not a runner, you would be…

AG: Well I am training to be a Doctor so that is something of high focus. I also have a huge passion for guitar and used to play in a band and would love to take that further. I would like to try other sports also, particularly triathlon.


NK: Your biggest supporter in your running career…

AG: I have lots of supporters and they all contribute in their own way. My Mum and Dad have always been there through the hard times and good times. My coach Phil Townsend has contributed a lot to my training and racing also. My masseurs and close friends Ian Mitchell and Nicola Sweeney have been very supportive. I have lots of other family members including my Sister, Grandma, Aunts and Uncles and little cousins who have all been to see me race, plus lots of friends and fellow runners. The University of Leeds have also been very supportive throughout my career.


NK: Who is your first call after a major race?

AG: It varies. It depends what the race is, who has had the most input to my build up upto a race and who I think of first. My coach will always be one of the first, plus my mum and dad, I try to ring or e-mail everybody.